SUMMARY: scp slow with windows and solaris

From: Alex Stade <>
Date: Sat Oct 04 2003 - 23:26:16 EDT
Thanks to;

Surinder Singh
Bill R. Williams
Kevin P. Inscoe
Pavic, Aleksander

And anybody I may have missed.

I have not been able to resolve why this happens. Some of you have
suggested that this is just the way things are. Others have suggested
various things to try/investigate. Mr. Pavic suggested that there may be
some kind of problems with the DF (don't frag) bit on Solaris TCP/IP
packets. I have been unable to come to such a conclusion though.

I very much appreciate everybody's time and efforts. I will see if Sun
will attempt to help with this and if so, I will post the resolution to
this list.

Once again, thanks!


> Hello!
> I am having some difficulty finding answers to this one, yet it appears
> that others have had the same problem, so I'll ask here. When I start an
> scp transfer of a large file from a Windows host (either via PuTTy's pscp
> or any other Win32 scp client) to a Solaris host, I get approximately
> 70-80KB/s on a LAN. I have verified that this problem exists on both
> Solaris 8 with OpenSSH as well as Solaris 9 with Solaris SSH.
> When the same transfer is done with ftp or rcp, the transfer is much more
> reasonable, around 5-6MB/s. Going from version 2 mode with scp to version
> 1 alleviates the problem somewhat.
> A transfer between two Solaris hosts is much faster, about 5MB/s, even in
> scp version 2 mode. This appears to be a Windows -> Solaris problem only.
> Any ideas are greatly appreciated and I will summarize.
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