SUMMARY: Upgrading Solaris 6 to 9 / Any differences in UFS file systems fr om Solaris 6 to Solaris 9

From: Bradley Alan <>
Date: Thu Sep 25 2003 - 10:10:15 EDT

Thanks to Casper Dik for promptly responding.
The answer to the question below is Yes.

For some info on UFS filesystems, here is Caspers e-mail:

>Yes, you could do the same; upgrades would not be possible if
>the ufs fileformat was changed incompatibly.
>In general, the following holds:
>	- ufs filesystems are fully forward compatible
>	  (Solaris X can read ufs filesystems created on
>	  Solaris Y where Y <= X)
>	- ufs filesystems are backward compatible in a
>	  limited sense; Solaris X can fsck and then
>	  mount a filesystem created on Solaris Y
>	  where Y > X.

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Hi All,

I was asked the following question and would appreciate your comments.  In
my opinion it should be no problem.
I will summarize.

"I have a Sybase ASIQ 12.5.3 running on Solaris 2.6. The Sybase Database was
using raw datafiles. I detached all the Sybase disks and installed Solaris
9. I then attached the Sybase disks and started Sybase and all seems fine.
The database status is good, I can do a Sybase backup and I can insert
My question is: Could I do the same if the database uses mounted file
systems? i.e. Are there any differences in the file systems from 2.6 to 9 if
the file systems are defined as ufs?"

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