SUMMARY: whats the best place to share a script

From: Pavic, Aleksander <>
Date: Thu Nov 06 2003 - 05:11:56 EST
Hi all,
a lot of people said that i should start in this list and then try the Big Admin Site.
I'm a script beginner, so please don't hurt me for not efficient code.
Tips for optimizing are very welcome!! ;-D
The script is appended is this mail.
It must be started with root privileges cause ndd is used to determine the config.
Start with "./gnc -h" to see whats possible and how it works.
I hope that helps some of you!
Thanks to all!
original mail was:
> Hi all,

> i wrote a script which reads network configuration on a sun box and 

> writes this to a file.

> As i know nobody has done this until now...

> I want to share it so people can benfit from this (comparing 

> configs in case of network problems, as we had ;D ).


> Where is the best Place to do that?


> greetz 

> Aleks

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