SUMMARY: Jumpstart version question

From: Adam Mazza <>
Date: Wed Sep 24 2003 - 20:46:03 EDT
Original text:

> My current jumpstart server is setup to jumpstart a machine with Solaris 8
> 02/02. Most of the machines I jump these days just simply boot from the
> jumpstart server then install a flash archive of a selected image.
> Today, I got in a few v240s, and I see that the minimum requirements for
> these are 12/02. Would there be any problem upgrading my jumpstart
> image(blowing away what's there and doing the install with 12/02) but
> still being able to use flash archives from other Solaris 8 versions? I
> don't see there being an issue but wanted to make sure I'm not missing
> anything. My other option of course is to have 2 images on the jump server
> but I would rather not make things that complicated.


Must people sugessted using a seperate branch for the seperate OS
revision. In the end this turned out to be the best solution for me. As a
test though, I jumped a box using 12/02 as the boot server piece, and
installed an archive that was 02/02, and of course it worked.


Adam Mazza
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