SUMMARY : binary file editing using standard tool ?

From: Vincent Detzel <>
Date: Fri Sep 19 2003 - 08:06:02 EDT
How to edit binary without :
   - vim/xxd
   - perl
   - gnutools
   - (tr and sed are only for text data)

a solution is to use dd and echo as described by Paul below.

dd is the mother of all commands.  This might be painful, but it should work
(I've done something like this in a pinch as well--make sure you know 
where the
byte to change is because of endian issues).

     dd ifs=1 ofs=1 if=input_file count=SOME_NUMBER
     printf "%c",241
     dd ifs=1 ofs=1 if=input_file skip=`expr SOME_NUMBER + 1`
) > output_file

I guess with adb it should work also but I couldn't make it.

Thanks to : Bertrand, Charles, Alan, Darren, Anthony and Paul. :-)


 > I found a very interesting problem yesterday. I had to modify a binary
 > file (replacing a '0' with '1') on a solaris 2.6 system.
 > The host was on a high secure net and could not have 3rd party product
 > installed.
 > To change binary file, I use either vim/xxd or perl, unfortunately these
 > tools were not installed on this host.
 > What other standard tools remain if I want, say, to change ".240" with
 > ".241" on a binary file ?
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