SUMMARY: Sun Rays stuck at 26D

From: Aaron Taylor <>
Date: Wed Sep 17 2003 - 17:59:30 EDT
Hi All,

I'd like to thank Hichael Morton for the quick response. Anderson 
Baptist...please fix the spam filter :)

Hichael's response:

we are running in kiosk mode and added the following lines to 


rm -rf $BBHOME/.dt $BBHOME/.X* $BBHOME/tmp $BBHOME/.T* $BBHOME/Dtwm

to solve the hanging at 26D.

we eventually changed the dtresources file (i don't remember which
files or what chagnes) and this relieved the proper without the above
rm line.


We are not operating in kiosk mode here, but the dtresources file was a 
problem. After modifying this file, the dtlogin screens appeared.

On a side note, when the utadm program gives an error of: "IP address 
not configured", one possible problem is the hostname. If it is not set 
to the same as is listed in the /etc/inet/hosts file, the utadm program 
will not run. This was our second problem. The drives of this machine 
appear to have been scrambled.

Thanks again for such a great list,
   -Aaron Taylor
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