SUMMARY: v240 sol 9/08 install problem

From: Milan Matesin <>
Date: Thu Oct 23 2003 - 11:05:35 EDT
Hello all,

I find where the problem was: hostname!

If I enter as hostname "dns", the install script wouldn't proceed, so I 
tried with "dns01" and it goes on.

I tried with sol 9 8/03 and sol 9 4/03, on both v240 and E450 machines, 
same behavior.

So be aware!

Here is output (I changed IP address in output, so my customer won't 
complain about privacy):


You have entered the following values:

  Host Name:                dns
  IP Address:     
  System part of a subnet:  Yes
  Enable IPv6:              No
  Default Route:            Yes
  Router IP Address:
  Name Service:             None
  Enable Kerberos:          No
  Time Zone:                Europe/Zagreb

    Enter 'y' to apply these values and proceed to the next stage of the
    installation, or 'n' to return to the beginning and make changes 
(y/n): y

Please wait while the system is configured with your settings...

An error has occurred in configuring the system. Please go back and 
check your

    <Press ENTER to continue>


Milan Matesin
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