SUMMARY: automate tasks with telnet or somthg. similar

From: Santos, Ramiro <>
Date: Tue Sep 16 2003 - 08:36:55 EDT
first of all, thank you very very much for your responses.
Most people pointed me to use expect for this task.
The problem I had, was to learn a new language (if can call language to it),
but after a closer look, expect seems to be easy.
I have got some examples from you which are very usable for my intents.
Another way seems to be ant. My opinion about ant was that it is just a
replacement to "make"
but sure, I am wrong, I will try this to.

Again, thank you all.

I have got responses from:

Philip Plane
Pete Geenhuizen
Russell Page
Alan Pae
Anthony A. D. Talltree
Green Ben
Harry Hoffman
Rob De Langhe
Ashish Nabira
Mahesh Gurugunti
Ashish Nabira

Special thanks to:

Emmanuel Guisse (for the recup_config_vmsa.conf and
Vincent Ribeaud (for his script)


Ramiro Santos
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