From: Sabrina Lautier <>
Date: Thu Sep 11 2003 - 11:17:49 EDT
Hi all !

First of all: thanks a lot for your answers.

With your help here is what I did:
1/ During the copy, with snoop I've analysed the network traffic beetween 
the NFS server and the
    $ snoop -d ge0 rpc nfs and nfs_client_machine and nfs_server_machine
2/ the trafic was huge, so I wanted to concluded there were no NFS caching
3/ On the client side I mounted the NFS FS with the 'noac' option (thks 
Colin !)
     mount -F nfs_server_machine:/sharedir /mount_point -o noac
     This option prevents data and attribute caching on the server side (see 
man mount_nfs)
     This way I was sure there were mo caching.

For your information, the network traffic at both point 1 and 3 analysed 
with snoop were the same => I concluded there were no caching at point 1.

Thanks again for your great help !
Sabrina (who has unfortunatly maltese relatives ;-) )

>From: "Sabrina Lautier" <>
>Subject: NFS cache
>Date: Tue, 09 Sep 2003 16:14:24 +0200
>Hi all !
>I'm having a question concerning the NFS cache.
>I'm using the NFS service to test the network over both 1Gb and 
>fast-ethernet network: the NFS client copies several times (over 10,000) 
>too differents small files (file1, file2) to the NFS server in file1_0, 
>file1_1, ... file2_0, file2_1, etc.
>I first perform the test on the Gb ethernet card and then on the 
>fast-ethernet one (both machines have 2 network attachments: ge0 and hme0).
>Although these 2 files are renamed on the NFS server, I'm wondering if they 
>are not in the NFS server cache. As I want to test the network 
>performances, I want to be sure these files are copied each time and not 
>taken from the NFS cache. Does anybody know that ?
>The NFS client runs solaris 7 and the server solaris 9.
>Thanks in advance for any help.

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