summary: Sun One Grid Engine

From: Pere Blay <>
Date: Tue Sep 16 2003 - 05:27:27 EDT
hi you all!

thanks to all of you who answered (wooow so quickly! very nice people!)

Sun One Grid Engine will not solve the problem of single processes wich are 
not prepared for multiprocessing, but will schdule all the jobs queued in a 
way that each one will be sent to the molt adequate processor (they won't 
wait for the previous job in the queue to finish, but will make use of unused 

I downloaded the package from:

the pkgadd prepared package didn't work for me (but it was suggested to me 
that it may be becouse the installation directory needs to be created before 
the installation), but the tar-gzip'd prepared package worked nicely (now i 
have the grid engine runnin on my server)

it seems that the grid engine is mean to work on clustered systems, but it 
does fine for multiprocessor servers aswell

thanks to you all who answered so quick!

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