SUMMARY: T3+ troubles

From: Kevin Boykin <>
Date: Mon Sep 15 2003 - 12:01:39 EDT
Well as to be expected the solution was an irritatingly simple

I had tried to populate all slots with 9GB FCAL drives and did not
succeed, this was done because we do not have 9 of the 36GB FCAL drives.

What fixed the problem was placing one 36GB drive in the first slot, and
placing one 36GB drive in the last slot.

Thanks to my coworker for taking 30 minutes to figure out what I could
not in a week.

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From: Kevin Boykin
Sent: Friday, September 12, 2003 8:53 AM
Subject: RE: T3+ troubles

Hello again.  Well, I am still in the same boat with this T3B of ours.

I have since changed the controller with a known good one...not sure
what to do now.  Updated every patch I could on my E3500/Solaris 9.

Help me!  I'm drowning in this thing...

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From: Kevin Boykin
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Subject: T3+ troubles

Hello Guru's,

The problem:

we have a T3+ at our disposal in the lab.  It was previously used in an
unknown configuration/environment.  We just want to reset it and
configure anew.  The problem we have is that it constantly reboots.  We
can "hit enter to cancel within 3 seconds" to stop the reboot and then
are presented with a "T3B-EP>" prompt, which I understand the T3B
portion to indicate the hostname.  We've tried populating all drives
with new drives.  Populating partial drives.  Typing "reset" at the
T3B-EP> prompt.  Setting up the mac address/hostname/ip in our jumpstart
server and the subsequent settings within the T3B-EP> "set" variables.

It's strange to me that the first banner after a new boot command reads
"T3B Release...", etc and then the "T3B-1 Starting POST..." and then
"T3B-EP Release..." after this it repeats ad nauseum.

I noticed what appears to be a "Release" variance from the first banner
and the the "T3B-EP" banner.

Any ideas?

Here is a snippet from a typical reboot cycle: (which I cancelled this



T3B Release 2.01.00 2002/03/22 18:35:03 (
Copyright (C) 1997-2001 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.

Initializing software...
Found units: [u1-ctr]
Default master is u1
Starting Heartbeats...
Assigning Select IDs: u1(1)
Initializing system drivers...
Initializing XPT component...
Initializing QLCF component...
Initializing loop 1 ISP2200 ... firmware status = 3
Detected 10 FC-AL ports on loop 1
loop 1 TARGET_ID = 0x0 (ALPA = 0xef)
Initializing loop 2 ISP2200 ... firmware status = 3
Detected 10 FC-AL ports on loop 2
loop 2 TARGET_ID = 0x0 (ALPA = 0xef)
Initializing SVD services...
Detected data cache size in system: 1GB
Testing ISP2200...  Passed
Testing ECC mechanism...  Passed
Testing XOR functions and datapaths... Passed
Cold Boot detected; destructive tests OK...
Testing data cache memory...  Passed
Initializing Cache Memory...
Starting timezone synchronization task...
Initializing system DB structure...
Initializing configuration...
Initializing port configuration...

Starting POST
POST end


T3B-EP Release 2.00 2001/06/22 16:07:00 (
Copyright (C) 1997-2001 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.

Found units: [u1-ctr]
auto boot is enabled
hit the RETURN key within 3 seconds to cancel...Cancelled!
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