SUMMARY: SRC/P card Problem

From: J Marquez <>
Date: Mon Sep 15 2003 - 07:19:59 EDT
Although its not completely probed, all indicates its a HW problem since when I tried again 
a probe-scsi-all it showed only the disks seen by format.

Thanks to:

Karl Rossing

Glenn J Franshaw 

Jason Santos


> -----Original Message-----> From: J Marquez [] > Sent: Monday, September 08, 2003 2:23 AM> To:> Subject: SRC/P card Problem> > > Hi gurus,>  > I got a 450 machine with 10 disks plugged to it. The OS is Solaris 8. >  > The problem is that doing a format we only can see 6 disks > and not the other 4.>  > The key of the problem is the SRC/P card plugged to the 450 > which has 6 disks connected to it, 2 are seen and 4 are the > ones not seen with format.>  > Doing a probe-scsi-all we can see all the disks, so it seems > it's not a HW problem. >  > OBP is in the last Firmware version.>  > I have installed SUNWhwr package downloaded from maintenance update II and afterthat a boot -r but it only helped to be seen the 2 disks connected tothe SRC/P card not the other 4 I referred in the problem. To me sounds like a SUNWhwr package configuration issue, but not sure ofit or how to do it. Any
 idea about it? Thanks in advance and regards

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