SUMMARY: Strange gproblem with a 500MB-file

From: <>
Date: Mon Sep 15 2003 - 04:03:29 EDT
Hi managers,

sorry for the late summary, but I was a little bit busy in the last days.
Thanks to all who replied, unfortunately, I was unable to discover what's
going wrong here. Some of you suggested looking for special chars in the
filename, but that didn't help.
Hm.... I think it's magic, and don't try to figure it out any further.

Thanks to the list,

keep on hackin',


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Von: Husemann, Harald []
Gesendet: Freitag, 22. August 2003 10:22
Cc: Brinkmann, Michael
Betreff: Strange gproblem with a 500MB-file

Hi managers,

got a strange problem here with a file of abt. 500Meg.
The file can be deleted (with rm), but when I try to mv or cp it, I get an
error-message reading "Invalid argument".
An ls -l shows:

-rw-r--r--   1 mbrinkma mic      540613119 Aug 21 18:26 /tmp/xxx1

/tmp has enough space to cp the file (abt. 900Meg), and I think the problem
is not the size of the file, since "largefile"-support is only needed for
files greater or equal 2 Gig - right?
Anyone has an idea what's wrong here?
System is Solaris 8, Patch 20 (SunOS pollux 5.8 Generic_108528-20 sun4u
sparc SUNW,Ultra-4) on an E450.

Thanks for help,

have a nice hackin',

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