SUMMARY: How to insert newlines in XDM's greeting

From: Surinder Singh <>
Date: Wed Sep 10 2003 - 06:02:43 EDT

I orginall asked how to insert newlines in xdm greeting messages:

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Subject: How to insert newlines in XDM's greeting                   

I'm trying to get a message in an XDM login screen greeting to be
spread across 3 lines (it's a long greeting :-)

I amended the default entry for xlogin.Login.greeting in the
Xresources file as referenced by the xdm-config start up file.

I have tried using \n and the ASCII code for newline in the greeting
message but the greeting is still along one longline and I get
strange characters where the newlines should be.

I guess it's simple but I havent managed to work it yet; so if
anyone could let me know how to use newlines from within an XDM
greeting message I'd appreciate it.

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I received 2 replies; neither of which had a direct answer but
presented a number of workarounds. I havent tried either one yet as
I have shortened the greeting as a quick work around - will check
the suggested answers more fully shortly.
this again

Thanks to Adrian Phipps and Eliezer Ramm for their replies.

Adrian Phipps wrote:

"An easy way I could think of is to make a picture of this message
(pcx, bitmap, gif, whatever), and run a program like display or xv
to put it on the screen in /etc/X11/xdm/Xsetup_0."

And Eliezer Ramm wrote:

"I don't have the best answer but you can try Xbanner

you will need to compile from source for Solaris

or you can make a picture out of your message and have it open up on
login. edit Xsetup_0 to launch a picture viewer on login."

Thanks to both of them again.

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