SUMMARY: Firmware Password on E-250

From: Glenn, May (COMFIN, VFS, Consultant) <>
Date: Fri Aug 29 2003 - 08:40:17 EDT

Yesterday I asked this:-----
> Hey All,
> I have asked a similar question to this in the past,
> only now I have a new
> spin on it.
> I have an E-250 with a firmware password. I have no
> way of contacting the
> administrator of this machine, as it has changed
> hands several times since
> (s)he last touched it.
> I have tried booting with a valid boot disk out of
> another E-250, nothing, I
> have even swapped the prom with a known good one
> from a different E-250.  I
> STILL get the "Firmware Password:" when I try to
> boot..
> Does anyone know where on the E-250 the Password is
> stored, I always thought
> it was on the Prom of all the machines, The 2 new
> prom chips that I stuck in
> there are proving me otherwise.
> Thanks for any help you can give me.
> Glenn May

Today I have the damndest answer for it.

Turned out that there was a bad stick of memory in the machine, and no matter
what I did the prom thought it had a firmware password. The memory stick must
have been causing it to be highly confused.

Told you it was a doozie...

Thanks again to all that responded, turned out one of the guys here saw the
bad stick in post, had me replace it and away we went. Originally I had seen
the bad stick and figure red I would tacked one problem at a time..   Guess
sometimes the small problems cause much larger ones..

Have a GREAT and Safe Holiday Weekend (For those of you that have a holiday
weekend <GRIN>)

Glenn May
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