SUMMARY: need help with networker

From: Gerard Henry <>
Date: Thu Sep 04 2003 - 11:06:09 EDT
sorry for my late reply, and thanks to marco.breedeveld, walter heukels, 
sean berry and andres rojas.
for the fisrt part, a save set is 2GB big, so to save 14GB, there is 
need of several save sets id
for the second part, i can't reproduct the problem, now it works

instead of using scanner, retention policy is not complete, so i have to 
use recover, it works well , and also trying to update to networker 6, 
release 5 is buggy

thanks to all

Gerard Henry wrote:

>i have trouble with networker, i can't recover files.
>I try to recover files not in index database, so i have to use scanner. Fisrt, networker said that /export/home is full saved on tape.145, so i scan this tape:
>scanner: scanning 8mm 5GB tape donnees.145 on /dev/rmt/1cbn
>scanner: ssid 31492: SYNCHRONIZED at 1242 MB, 54953 file(s)
>client name  save set             save time     level   size  files   ssid    S
>scr          <1>/export/home      6/15/03  0:33  f 2048034784  69336     31492 E
>scr          <2>/export/home      6/15/03  0:33  f 2048016120  25463     31493 E
>scr          <3>/export/home      6/15/03  0:33  f 2048005480  39868     31494 E
>scr          <4>/export/home      6/15/03  0:33  f 2048000124  41596     31495 E
>scr          <5>/export/home....
>i don't understand why there is multiple save sets of /export/home in this tape?
>after, i try a simple command to list all files in my tape:
>mary2-root% scanner -S 32863 /dev/rmt/2cbn | /usr/lib/nsr/uasm -rv -n
>scanner: scanning 4mm 8GB tape test on /dev/rmt/2cbn
>scanner: done with 4mm 8GB tape test
>uasm: invalid save stream
>i do this test on a new tape, that i can read normally with nwadmin or nwrecover.
>I use networker 5.5.3
>Can anybody help? i 'll summarize
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