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From: accy guy <>
Date: Tue Sep 02 2003 - 09:44:27 EDT
Colin Bigam 
Alessandro Maestri
Kevin Smith
David Glass
Andres Rojas 
Thomas Jones 
Casper Dik
Brett Lymn
Most of you were of the opinion that I should copy /sbin/sh from another system . 
Casper suggested creating another user with uid 0 with a more palatable shell .
Am thinking of reinstalling the OS on the system , since I do not know how many such inconsistencies are there on the machine 

However , I got explorer to work . I modified the EXP_PATH variable in the explorer default file viz /etc/opt/SUNWexplo/default/explorer so that it now had the following hard coded value 

EXP_PATH="/usr/bin:/usr/sbin" (original was EXP_PATH="EXP_PATH)


thx a lot 
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