SUMMARY: A1000 not responding

From: Azzopardi Konrad <>
Date: Tue Sep 02 2003 - 06:25:41 EDT
Dear sunmanagers,

Thanks go to Matt Clausen who gave me the courage to do something not
supported by SUN. Anyway I connected to the A1000 via serial port. After
setting the terminal correctly {You have to play around a bit} the A1000
was rebooted, press SPACE twice and the menu comes up. I chose {2} which
was "Download Permanent file" and used the X-Modem protocol
{primitive!!!} to send the correct .apd and .bwd files.


Konrad Azzopardi  B.Eng(Hons)
System Engineer

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Azzopardi Konrad wrote:
> I have a problem. While upgrading the BIOS firmware, there was a power
> cut and unfortunately I lost all communication to the A1000. Is there
> something I can do without calling SUN ?

There's a trick you can use, which I do only as a last resort since
there is real potential to screw things up.... since your flash was
interrupted, it doesnt get more screwed up then that, so here we go:

There's a serial port on the back of the A1000. Connect a nullmodem up
to it and you should begin seeing messages from the controller
(2400,8,N,1 I think is the connect parameters -- it's either 2400 or

Make sure you have the latest version of the firmware that you were
trying to upgrade to on the machine you're using to do this. When you
get into the menu system running on the controller, there's buried in
one of the sub-menus an option to load a new firmware (It's not quite
called this but it's pretty evident when you stumble onto it). Using
X-Modem (ancient isnt it?) you can upload the new firmware onto the
controller and it will recover. Make sure you upload the FIRST of the
two firmware files (i.e. the one you flash first) and not the other one.

I successfully recovered an A1000 that I misflashed using this method,
just be careful as there is some real harm here (since you're
interacting directly with the controller).

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