SUMMARY: cron script

From: Gabel Martin <>
Date: Wed Aug 27 2003 - 07:03:47 EDT
Thanks everybody

Nearly everyone told me to user absolute calls for the date command
The "stty" call produced the SIGTTOU since no stty is attached.
Therefore I modified the script:

/usr/bin/date +20%y-%m-%d > ~/date.txt

thankx again =)
original message:

>>Hi everybody,
>>I've a litte script wich I'd like to start periodical as cron job. The
script should run in background:
>>stty -tostop
>>date +20%y-%m-%d > ~/date.txt
>>When lauched by hand - ./ - it produces a: "[1] + Stopped
(SIGTTOU) &" and the "date.txt" file is empty.
>>When started in foreground no error occures.
>>Wen started as cron job, nothing happens.
>>Does anyone has an idea ?
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