SUMMARY: Adding UFS logging without a reboot

From: David Eisner <>
Date: Fri Aug 22 2003 - 12:13:48 EDT
The unanimous response is that it's OK to add logging on the fly
this way, and people do it all the time.  Of course, the logging option
should also be added /etc/vfstab.

Thanks, and I hope those out-of-the-office are enjoying their vacations :-)


Original question:

On Fri, 22 Aug 2003, David Eisner wrote:

> I have a Solaris 7 (sparc) box with a fairly large UFS data partition.
> It's currently mounted without UFS logging.  I'd like to add
> logging without rebooting, with mount -o remount,logging ...
> I've tried this on a test filesystem, and it seems to work.
> However, the mount_ufs man page says the FS should be read-only:
>                remount   Remounts  a  read-only  file  system  as
>                          read-write  (using the  rw option). This
>                          option can be used only  in  conjunction
>                          with  the   f, logging|nologging, m, and
>                          noatime options. This option works  only
>                          on currently mounted read-only file sys-
>                          tems.
> I searched around, and there's some mention that the OS will try
> to temporarily lock the filesystem so that it works, and let
> you know if it can't.
> So, is it copacetic to add UFS logging on the fly in this way?
> Thanks.
> -David

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