SUMMARY: Fitting L25 into SunRack 900

From: Andy Lee <>
Date: Thu Aug 21 2003 - 03:07:46 EDT
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1) Sun apparently will be announcing a L25 Rack kit for a Sun Rack 900 in
mid-October 2003
2) Sun Rack 900 will soon be the only Sun supplied racks.

In the meantime - we will probably just use another shelf

For reference Sun Rack 900 takes four 16AMP ICE type sockets - so you can
feed off four circuits into rack.
Your V880 can actually have each power supply fed from a different circuit.
Cable kit option now comes with four 16 AMP commando sockets to 16AMP ICE
type socket leads


Original Question

I've failed miserably trying to find a way to rack mount a L25 into the
newer Sun Rack 900.

I can resort to a Shark Rack shelf I think but does anyone manufacture an
adapter for the Sun Rack 900 ?

Has anyone found a rack kit to mount an L25 into a Sun Rack 900 ?

In the Sun engineers handbook on sunsolve it gives a list for what is
qualified for a Sun Rack 900. A L25 is not on the list.

Shark Rack don't appear to sell a kit either.

Google search didn't help either.

I must be one of very many Admins to have hit this wall.

Any solutions gratefully received - I will summarise if there is a non-shelf
solution !

Thanks All 

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