SUMMARY: Connecting to fibre channel tape drives

From: Vic Engle <>
Date: Fri Sep 05 2003 - 07:52:30 EDT
Thanks to Chip Paswater and Joe Fletcher for the replies. Joe Fletcher's
reply was great because he pointed out that iostat is an excellent tool
for quickly determining if the OS sees the tape drives. I had been just
looking in /dev/rmt and using mt individually on the rmt devices.

The solution was to correct a small error in the configuration file for
the HBA. In the /kernel/drv/qla2300.conf file I originally had a
persistent binding setup like this:


Turns out I was using the world wide node name and should have been
using the world wide port name which was 1 digit different. The problem
is that both the port name and the node name were showing up in the
messages file and they look very similar. Here is the corrected line:


After correcting the 1 digit and rebooting I could see all devices on
both storage routers.

Vic Engle

Original Question:

On Wed, 2003-09-03 at 13:18, Vic Engle wrote:
> Hello List,
> Last week we began implementing a SAN including 2 silkworm 3800
> switches, an EVA 2c8d array and an HP LTO tape library. The library is
> attached to the fabrics via 2 network storage routers, NSRs. One NSR has
> the robot and 2 tapedrives and the other NSR has the additional 2 tape
> drives. The NSRs each see all their respective devices.
> Two configuration files on the backup server were modified so that the
> backup server could see the library, /kernel/drv/st.conf and
> qla2300.conf. The entries were derived from install documents and
> information from the host - see notes below. After editing the files, a
> reconfigure boot was performed.
> The problem is that I see the robot and both drives from NSR-1 but only
> one drive from NSR-2. I have tried different targets for the persistent
> bindings and verified that the targets don't conflict with targets used
> in the sd.conf file.
> Can anyone offer a clue as to what the problem might be?
> Thanks,
> Vic Engle
> The following was added to st.conf:
> # This line adds support for Fibre Channel Tapes
> name="st" parent="fp" target=0;
> tape-config-list=
> "COMPAQ DLT7000","Compaq DLT7000","DLT7k-data",
> "COMPAQ DLT8000", "Compaq DLT8000","DLT8k-data",
> "COMPAQ SuperDLT1","Compaq SuperDLT","SDLT-data",
> "COMPAQ SDLT320", "Compaq SuperDLT 2", "SDLT320-data",
> "HP Ultrium 2-SCSI","HP Ultrium LTO 2","LTO-data",
> "HP Ultrium","HP Ultrium LTO 1","ULTRIUM",
> "DEC TZ89","DEC DLT TZ89","DLT7k-data";
> #
> #
> DLT8k-data = 1,0x38,0,0x39639,4,0x1a,0x1b,0x41,0x41,3;
> SDLT-data =1,0x38,0,0x3D639,4,0x90,0x91,0x90,0x91,3;
> SDLT320-data = 1,0x36,0,0x3D639,4,0x92,0x93,0x92,0x93,3;
> ULTRIUM =1,0x36,0,0x2D639,4,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x40,3;
> LTO-data =1,0x3b,0,0x2D639,4,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x42,3;
> #
> # NSR #1 (Changer and 4 tape drives)
> name="st" class="scsi" parent="/pci@4,4000/QLGC,qla@4" target=20 lun=0;
> name="st" class="scsi" parent="/pci@4,4000/QLGC,qla@4" target=20 lun=1;
> name="st" class="scsi" parent="/pci@4,4000/QLGC,qla@4" target=20 lun=2;
> name="st" class="scsi" parent="/pci@4,4000/QLGC,qla@4" target=20 lun=3;
> name="st" class="scsi" parent="/pci@4,4000/QLGC,qla@4" target=20 lun=4;
> #
> # NSR #2 ( 4 tape drives)
> name="st" class="scsi" parent="/pci@4,2000/QLGC,qla@1" target=21 lun=0;
> name="st" class="scsi" parent="/pci@4,2000/QLGC,qla@1" target=21 lun=1;
> name="st" class="scsi" parent="/pci@4,2000/QLGC,qla@1" target=21 lun=2;
> name="st" class="scsi" parent="/pci@4,2000/QLGC,qla@1" target=21 lun=3;
> name="st" class="scsi" parent="/pci@4,2000/QLGC,qla@1" target=21 lun=4;
> The following was added to qla2300.conf
> # entries for HP tape library
> #
> hba0-SCSI-target-id-20-fibre-channel-port-name="100000E002226060";
> hba1-SCSI-target-id-21-fibre-channel-port-name="100000E002025E8F";
> This is how I determined which device was hba0.
> [Vic@cromite-->]grep qla2300 /etc/path_to_inst
> "/pci@4,4000/QLGC,qla@4" 0 "qla2300"
> "/pci@4,2000/QLGC,qla@1" 1 "qla2300"
> These entries from the messages file indicated which hba could see which
> NSR and was used to set up the persistent binding in qla2300.conf.
> qla2300-hba0-SCSI-target-id-0-fibre-channel-name="100000e002226060";
> Aug 26 17:39:07 cromite qla2300: [ID 139169]
> qla2300-hba1-SCSI-target-id-0-fibre-channel-name="100000e002225e8f";
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