SUMMARY: Disksuite metadb replicas on 3310 JBOD

From: Me <>
Date: Fri Aug 29 2003 - 06:13:05 EDT
Earlier this week I posted the following problem that I was having with
DiskSuite, a SUN280R & a 3310 JBOD. Sorry not to have posted a SUMMARY
earlier but I was only able to get access to the problem machine this

> I have a problem with DiskSuite and an external 3310 JBOD array that I cannot
> solve after a week of effort and having read as much supporting documentation
> as I can find. Somewhere I'm making a stupid mistake but I need someone to
> show me where!
> First here is the hardware configuration: New SUN 280R server running Solaris
> 8 and with 2 internal 36 GB discs. Latest recommended patches, from 18 Aug
> installed. Two dual Ultra SCSI3 cards in the server connect to a 3310 JBOD
> (not the RAID version) running in dual mode with 2x73 GB discs on each SCSI
> card (controller).
> Using DiskSuite 4.2.1 to mirror the 2 internal discs. Using DiskSuite to
> concatenate and mirror the JBOD discs. I have defined metadb replicas on two
> partitions of all discs, internal & external. This gives me replicas on;
>	c1t0d0s3 Internal disc
>	c1t0d0s7 Internal disc
>	c1t1d0s3 Internal disc
>	c1t1d0s7 Internal disc
>	c3t8d0s0 3310 disc
>	c3t8d0s6 3310 disc
>	c3t9d0s0 3310 disc
>	c3t9d0s6 3310 disc
>	c5t8d0s0 3310 disc
>	c5t8d0s6 3310 disc
>	c5t9d0s0 3310 disc
>	c5t9d0s6 3310 disc
> This all works perfectly! Perfectly that is until I reboot the server. At
> this point the replicas on the 3310 go bad & I have to delete them, reboot
> and then create the replicas again.
> There is some documentation about this on the SUN site and the Internet
> that says I need to add the following lines to /etc/system to load the
> drivers early in the boot sequence;
>	forceload: drv/ssd
>	forceload: drv/pln
>	forceload: drv/soc
> This I have done but with no effect. The replicas still go bad on a reboot.
> Can anyone suggest what to try next?

I had:

 * 8 "Out of Office AutoReply" messages immediately. Irritating that even
   today some people don't stop these going to list servers!
 * One from "AntiSpam UOL" with an HTML email asking me to confirm my
   email! Even more irritating. AntiSpam + HTML email? This is someone
   with problems.
 * Helpful answers from;
 	Hichael Morton
 	Thomas M. Payerle
 	Paul Heydenrych
   Thanks to you all, especially Paul Heydenrych.
   The problem was not that I had put metadb replicas on the external discs,
   nor that I had filesystems also on the same slices as the replicas. Also
   I did not want to restrict the replicas to the internal discs only since
   I wanted to use more than one controller.
   Paul Heydenrych had the correct answer. He suggested adding ALL the
   following to /etc/system;
   	forceload: drv/glm
   	forceload: drv/sd
   	forceload: drv/pcisch
   	forceload: drv/qlc
   	forceload: drv/fp
   	forceload: drv/ssd
   and then rebooting, hopefully successfully. Then remove one line at a
   time and reboot until the system fails to come back up.
   In my case I already had;
   	forceload: drv/pcisch
   	forceload: drv/qlc
   	forceload: drv/fp
   	forceload: drv/ssd
   in /etc/system from other installation needs. After only a couple of
   test cycles I established that the;
   	forceload: drv/sd
   was the crucial line. Once I had added this everything started to work

Peter Watkins   

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