SUMMARY(partial): Disksuite Controller failure

From: Ed <>
Date: Thu Aug 28 2003 - 16:40:09 EDT
Thanks to Tom Payerle and Hichael Morton who gave the following responses:

Slacksite has some good pages on disksuite, e.g.
replace the failed controller--same part number, same slot, same
everything.  reboot (since the instance of the controller is already
known, there is no needed to do a reconfiguration boot.)

you have recreate the setup actually and not initialize.  ds will pick
it up without the loss of data.

you can clone the disks before trying the above.

you can restore from backup tapes, also.

Unfortunately I'm still looking for more info. It appears that the 'log' volume
on one of the Trans devices is unable to sync (the active submirror has picked
up a 'read error' that's not detected by format->analyze->refresh). 

Am I correct in thinking that if I simply remove the 'log' from the 'trans'
device, it'll still have all the necessary data to read the filesystem?

(Restoring from backups is proving interesting, as we seem to have a damaged

Regards, Ed Rolison.

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