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From: Franky Van Liedekerke <liedekef_at_pandora.be>
Date: Fri Aug 22 2003 - 03:14:42 EDT
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it seems I *really* should buy glasses: the keyword is root_password and
not root_passwd (strange the jumstart complains about badly
formatted values for a keyword but not about unrecognized keywords
Anyway, fixed  :)
tx for all the suggestions and feedback!


Hi all,

I'm using flash archives to jumpstart machines (v100) from a E250.
The jumpstart server running on the E250 is installed from Solaris 2.8
CD's version 2/02, while the clients probably have "newer" solaris 2.8
versions running (which is not important I guess).
Now everything is working great, except that I need to enter the root
password at the end of a custom jumpstart, even if I put the keyword
"root_password" in the sysidcfg file, and the value used has no dots or
slashes in it (I've read somewhere that this seems to give problems).

So it seems that this keyword is not being used at all, and I'm using an
older script (set_root_pwd) to run upon finish to take care of this. Of
course I would like this to work "the easy way", so I wonder if anybody
can help me to find out why the jumpstart server refuses to use this
keyword. Maybe the version of solaris 2.8 used (2/02) has something to
do with this?

Also I'm trying to use a timeserver (windows based though ...) but when
specifying anything else but localhost as value for "timeserver" the
unattended jumpstart fails on me and I'm required to accept time/date
etc ... This is not a big issue, but if anybody can help me with this
one as well?

When an answer is found, I'll post the summary back to the list.

tx already,

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