Summary - USB disks on Ultra 5

From: Peter Stokes <>
Date: Wed Aug 20 2003 - 09:34:22 EDT
Hi All

I had a few responses saying that the limit on the built in IDE of
various Sun systems is 128Gb. This I new and the question hence was to
try to get around this limit using USB. So far I have not been able to
find a confirmation of using a PCI USB controller + large hard disk on
an Ultra 5.

My searches did however turn up a SCSI-IDE adapter which does support
the >137Gb IDE disks. I purchased one yesterday and it works 100% with a
standard PCI SCSI card fitted to the U5 (including booting). So if you
want cheap large SCSI storage checkout the Acard range of adapters.

See for details.


Original question

I have a customer who is trying to add some large 180Gb IDE disks in USB
2 chassis to his Ultra 5.

Anyone tried this and can recommend controllers/versions of software


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