SUMMARY: /usr/lib/utmpd: file descriptor limit exceeded

From: Nicole Skyrca <>
Date: Mon Aug 18 2003 - 09:16:11 EDT

I got a few responses. Someone suggested that it looked
like a workaround for an old version of Solaris, and they
suggested removing it.  I did end up removing the MAX_FDS line
from the /etc/default/utmpd file.

Here are a couple of the other responses:
"Use rlim_fd_cur and rlim_fd_max parameters. You can get more information on
these parameters in Solaris Tunable Parameters Reference Manuals... Let me
know if you need these, I can send you the PDFs as well."

"   I have SCAN_PERIOD=300 as the only entry in my /etc/default/utmpd file.
   According to a summary I found, the values


   might help.  If not, try modifying the S88utmpd script to remove the
   utmp and utmpx files from /var/adm, and then create new ones before
   starting utmpd:

        rm /var/adm/utmp /var/adm/utmpx
        cp /dev/null /var/adm/utmp
        cp /dev/null /var/adm/utmpx
        chown root /var/adm/utmp*
        chgrp bin /var/adm/utmp*
        chmod 644 /var/adm/utmp*

"Two entries in /etc/default/utmpd are supported:

  a.. SCAN_PERIOD - The number of seconds that utmpd sleeps between checks
of /proc to see if monitored processes are still alive. The default is 300.

  b.. MAX_FDS - The maximum number of processes that utmpd attempts to
monitor. The default value is 4096 and should never need to be changed.

Thank you for your help!


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Subject: /usr/lib/utmpd: file descriptor limit exceded

> Hi,
> I have a newly upgraded Solaris 8 machine and I'm seeing the
> following messages in /var/adm/messages after starting utmpd.:
> /usr/lib/utmpd: File Descriptor limit exceeded
> The upgrade was done via jumpstart, and it grabbed a couple
> of old configuration files.  I think  I've tracked this message down
> to an entry in /etc/default/utmpd, that looks like it was added
> as a workaround to a bug that showed users as still logged in
> even after they logged out. The entry is "MAX_FDS=0".
> I haven't found any references in SunSolve to see if this entry is
> still necessary
> in Solaris 8.  Does anyone know if this entry is still necessary in
> Solaris 8?
> This is the contents of my /etc/default/utmpd file:
> Thanks,
> Nicole
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