SUMMARY Re: root and users' paths in /etc/default/login on Solaris 9 ignored

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Date: Mon Aug 18 2003 - 03:19:51 EDT
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Hi managers

Surprisingly few responses to my eariler question.

Crist Clark asked if users were actually using 'login' to login. We're
using Solaris 9 standard SSH, the OpenBSD derived version supplied by
Sun. In our previous Solaris 8 build, we used commercial SSH. It is possible
that one respects the settings in '/etc/default/login' and the other
does not.

Hicheal Morton suggested making changes to /etc/profile. I good suggestion,
 and one that will work for 90% our of users; however, this is apparently
ignored by some shells, e.g. C shell. Also, I'd need to script around
the SUPATH and PATH issues.

Andrew Wu said check the /etc/profile, skel profiles and installed .profile
for changes; no dice, they all leave the PATH alone.

Thanks to all who responded.

Ahau K'in

Original question enclosed.

On Fri, 15 Aug 2003 05:55:50 -0700 wrote:
>Hi managers,
>Another question: I have a new Solaris 9 build I'd like to roll
>but we have an annoying bug.
>The user and root paths are set in /etc/default/login to include
>extra directories. However, this is not picked up on login; both
>SUPATH and PATH set in this file are ignored.
>/etc/profile is unchanged from the default that Solaris ships with
>All users, including those with entirely empty home directories,
> are
>affected. Root's path looks like this:-
>and a user's like this:
>...any suggestions as to where this is coming from, or why the change
>in /etc/default/login is ignore?
>Thanks, will summarise
>Ahau K'in
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