SUMMARY: Re: san / nas, sun and oracle 9i

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Date: Fri Aug 15 2003 - 11:42:55 EDT
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Thank you to all who responded on the san/nas, sun and oracle 9i question

It's hard to summarise fairly where things don't have a one clear technical
answer, but the following was suggested:-

*	If it is a supported Sun Cluster/Veritas Cluster storage solution,
then it will work with that software and RAC; Sun's own 3510, 3960, 6320
and 6510 were suggested.
*	Sun, Veritas Cluster and EMC work well;
*	NAS is probably not the way to go. There is a supported configuration
on NetApps site, but it seems no-one is using it;
*	Fujitsu hardware and clustering software was also suggested (of doubtful
use to us);
*	Consider a cheaper intel platform solution (which we will be doing,
 but once the cost of the oracle licence and storage is factored in,
is unlikely to be much cheaper).

Thanks to Bertrand, Bob, Christopher, Octave and Tim.

Ahau K'in

original message enclosed:-

On Tue, 12 Aug 2003 05:07:19 -0700 Ahau K'in <> wrote:
>Hi managers
>I'm look towards the future, and it seems like that 9i RAC will
>be our
>next deployment of Oracle. We currently run 8 in HA, with Veritas
> and we're very happy with it.
>Unfortunately, the supported configurations of hardware for 9i RAC
>very limited, especially when one looks at Solaris on Sparc. Our
>configuration, for example, isn't supported. The 'official' Sun
>build for this consists of two 280Rs and a couple of A1000s. This
>an inflexible solution (the storage can't be shared with other devices)
>and the Sun list for it is a ludicrous US$200,000.
>Is anyone here running Oracle 9i RAC on Suns? What clustering software
>and storage solution are you using? Is this a certified solution
>either Sun, the storage or the cluster vendor?

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