Summary: quick and dirty net boot

Date: Fri Aug 15 2003 - 16:19:08 EDT
I would like to thank all of those who sent an out-of-office reply and the
individual whos mail service thinks Sun Managers is a spam source.

I did not get the answer I was looking for.  For the record I knew how to
correct the password issue and we have multiple copies of the install
in our main data center.  I was looking for the minimal files so I could boot
the system and edit /etc/shadow as fast as possible.  As it turned out we did
the setup_boot_server over the wire, it just took a couple of hours to

Original Question:
We've run into the situation where we had a sudden power outage in a remote
data center that caused some systems to not come up due to fsck need on root.
We have terminal concentrator ports but some how the "known" root password is
not we thought. This should have been no problem but the personnel at the
remote site can not find the install CD and the remote boot server is one of
the affected systems. We've had to resort to load a boot server onto one of
the working systems in order to edit /etc/shadow on the affected system so we
can complete the fsck's. As this is over a WAN this is taking over 4 hours.
question is: Is there a quick (and dirty) way to get just enough boot
information so we can do the minimal work necessary?
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