SUMMARY: Fibre channel card on a E450.

From: Andres Rojas <>
Date: Thu Aug 07 2003 - 22:50:09 EDT
Dear Managers,

First of all thanks to all who replied.

Original question:

> How a Qlogic fibre channel card (375-3019) should appear when executing
> prtdiag?


There was no fibre channel card in this system. This Volume Manager message
lead me into error: It was software license to use all the *internal disks*
on a E450 (what a jerk!)

------ VXvm license (/usr/sbin/vxserial -p) ------

vrts:vxserial: INFO: Feature name: PHOTON [98]
vrts:vxserial: INFO: Number of licenses: 0
vrts:vxserial: INFO: Expiration date: No expiration date
vrts:vxserial: INFO: Release Level: 20
vrts:vxserial: INFO: Machine Class: 364319388

Thanks for your kind help,

- Andres.
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