Summary: E6500 and boot message (DR issues)

From: Badinter, George <>
Date: Wed Aug 06 2003 - 13:16:00 EDT
Many Thanks to Bobby Williams who answered my question and summarized for
Please see a copy of his message below:

Kernel cage DISABLED means that the system will not "constrict" the
kernel to a single CPU board.  The kernel has to be on a single board
before anything can be removed with DR.  DR can still be used to insert
a board, but it won't get picked up by the system until a reboot (so
what is the point).

DR works.  It can save from having to bring a system down.  "System
down" is relative.  When a CPU board is DR'ed out, the system will
actually "freeze".  User's could see applications stop.  Oracle will get
timeout errors for users that are actively searching/sorting/WRITING

The freeze does not occur on I/O boards, (my experience anyway) only CPU
boards due to the memory "draining" process.

I/O board 1 can't be "DR'ed" out since it powers the clock board.

The CPU board that has the kernel caged on it can't be DR'ed out either.
It is not always CPU brd 0.  I have played with where the kernel is
located in the DR situation (and how to move it to where I wanted it).
Seems that it will reside on the first board with all the memory slots
filled (only from experience, I don't know what or how the selection is

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>Hey Ladies and Gents.
>We have a 6500 hundred which lost one of the CPU's with  
>panic. Upon reboot
>we have noticed the following error message
>Sun is saying that it actually means that DR (dynamic reconfigure) is
>disable and we can't do hot-swap until we unable it back. 
>They even gave us a parameter to put in /etc/system. However, DR
>documentation doesn't mentioned any of that....
>Has anyone seen this before and tried DR? Or does anyone knows what it
>actually means?
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