SUMMARY: Solaris 9 patches breaks IPMP?

From: Steve Norton <>
Date: Wed Aug 06 2003 - 08:50:16 EDT
Sun came through finally, after the July 9 recommended bundle, install patch
113964-06 (new in.mpathd) and 112911-03 (new ifconfig), which should fix

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Subject: Solaris 9 patches breaks IPMP?

I recently applied the Solaris 9 July 2003 recommended patch bundle to some
servers running Solaris 9, and appear to have broken IPMP.  IPMP has been
working well, properly floating IP addresses during interface failures.
However, after the patches were installed, failure recovery failed.
Specifically, when the server's default gateway goes away (for example, when
the network admins are patching Cisco routers), IPMP marks both interfaces
as failed and will not fail back.  With a base Solaris 9 install, IPMP
failed interfaces continue to send ARP requests for the default gateway's
mac address through the failed interfaces and will recover properly when the
router comes back.  With the bundle, no ARPs are sent.  I have to manually
issue an "ifconfig -a -failed" to recover the interfaces.  This has happened
with both qfe interfaces and ce interfaces.  I have a case open with Sun,
but their networking group hasn't provided any assistance.  Any advice?
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