SUMMARY: Solaris9 kernel patch 112233-08

From: Sun System Admin <>
Date: Fri Aug 08 2003 - 17:24:05 EDT
As expected the dire warning was a mistake.

quoting Tony Walton of Sun writing in comp.unix.solaris

This patch has now been reissued without the offending postpatch script,
which was left in place in error. I've compared the MD5 checksums of all
files in the previous 112233-08 (as downloaded by Martin on 6th Aug)
with the one now available and the only difference is that the postpatch
and postbackout scripts are no longer rhere - all binaries are the same.
  If you've installed 112233-08 from 6th August, my advice would be
simply to remove the scary and erroneous "This is a temporary patch"
line from /etc/motd


original post--

Installed Solaris9 kernel patch 112233-08 today.
Now /etc/motd prints

Sun Microsystems Inc.	SunOS 5.9	Generic May 2002
Temporary Patch 112233-08 (Interim KU) built 06/23/03 is installed and needs to be backed out prior to installing any other patches

No warning in the patch readme.

Of course it was installed with fastpatch, so no backup.
Hoping that Sun just forgot to remove this warning before releasing
the patch.

112234-08  does the same for 9_x86

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