SUMMARY: Live UPgrade of CD2 of 2?

From: Tim Evans <>
Date: Fri Aug 08 2003 - 12:31:18 EDT
I wrote:

>Trying to complete upgrade to Solaris 9 4/03 via Live Upgrade to my
>Alternate Boot disk.  First pass suceeded:
>luupgrade -u -s /cdrom/cdrom0 -n bootdisk
>[ "bootdisk" is the alternate boot environment name ]
>Per the man page, I need to run luupgrade with the '-i' option to load
>the contents of the second cdrom--right from the man page:
># luupgrade -i -n bootdisk -s /dev/cdrom/cdrom0 \
>     -O "-nodisplay -noconsole"
>This starts out as if it were going to work:
>    Validating the contents of the media </cdrom/cdrom0>.
>The media is a standard Solaris media.
>The media contains a standard Solaris installer.
>The media contains <Solaris_2_of_2> version <9>.
>Mounting BE <bootdisk>.
>Running installer on BE <bootdisk>.
>After a few seconds, however, I get:
>INFORMATION: </var/sadm/system/logs/upgrade_log> contains a log of the 
>upgrade operation.
>INFORMATION: </var/sadm/system/data/upgrade_cleanup> contains a log of 
>cleanup operations required.
>WARNING: <162> packages must be installed on boot environment <bootdisk>.
>INFORMATION: </var/sadm/system/data/packages_to_be_added> on boot 
>environment <bootdisk> contains a list of packages that must be installed 
>on the boot environment for the upgrade to be complete. The packages in 
>this list were not present on the media that was used to upgrade this boot 
>INFORMATION: If the boot environment was upgraded using one media of a 
>multiple media distribution, for example the Solaris CD media, you must 
>continue the upgrade process with the next media. Complete the upgrade by 
>using the luupgrade <-i> option to install the next media of the 
>Failure to complete the upgrade process with all media of 
>the software distribution makes the boot environment unstable.
>INFORMATION: Review the files listed above on boot environment <bootdisk>. 
>Before you activate the boot environment, determine if any additional 
>system maintenance is required or if additional media of the software 
>distribution must be installed.
>Unmounting BE <bootdisk>.
>The installer run on boot environment <bootdisk> is complete.
>Despite the "installer run is complete" message, the target bootdisk 
>won't 'luactivate'.

I had no responses on this one.  So, I opened a service call with Sun
on the issue.

Turns out all of the "packages_to_be_added" are from the supplemental
"Language" CD.  Since I had not used that CD on initial Solaris install,
the listing was erroneous.  Sun has entered BugID #4903433 on this.

Removing the spurious packages_to_be_added file allowed 'luactivate'
to run successfully and allowed me to boot from the upgraded Boot

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