Summary : Sun StorEdge A1000 Array

From: Colin Haffenden <>
Date: Fri Aug 08 2003 - 03:42:02 EDT
Thanks to everyone who replied on this, far to many to mention you all.

I received mixed feelings on this but the majority said that they were
good little arrays. Easy to configure using rm6 software. Hotswap drives
work well. Really a case of set them up and forget about them until
after 2 years when the battery will run out and performance will drop
until it is changed, the rm6 software will warn you about this though.
No one said how much the batteries were, as most have them on contract,
but I hear they can be expensive? Also the main concerns were to get the
firmware and patches for the OS, disks and rm6 software to the correct
levels or they can be a pain, but once this is done all in all a good
little runner. The other downside was performance, which is about 40mb/s
which was fast during it's day but it's day was about 7-8 years ago! A
lot of people suggested looking at the T3 but warned me about price!

So in summary, for a cheap option on a server that isn't going to be
'hammered' to much then this is a good array, once it's setup.

Thanks again to everyone for there help.


Original message below....

Hi All,

After discovering that the A5200 did not support hardware RAID I am
looking at the above arrays.

Once again I would appreciate any input on experience people have on
the A1000 array. Is it any good, how easy it to administer, to expand,

I am searching on and for info but you can't
beat experience!

All help is greatly appreciated.


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