Summary : OS won't see my new RAID size

From: Colin Haffenden <>
Date: Wed Aug 06 2003 - 03:19:00 EDT
Thanks to :

Reggie Beavers
Darren Dunham
Martin Hepworth
Paul Coray
Christopher Grier 

And any others I have missed by mistake.

The general answer was that if I wasn't running disk suite or volume
manager then I had to scrap the volume, re-create it and then restore.
It is not possible to extend a hardware RAID on a UFS filesystem without
re-creating it. Sun also backed this up.

Original message below....

Hi all,

I have a Sun E450 with a 3rd party RAID device attached. I have
extended the raid and the software sees the new size. The thing is the
OS doesn't. I have taken the machine down to the ok prompt and done a
boot -r but it still sees the old size.

Does anybody know how I can get the OS to see the new size? 

I am running Solaris 7.


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