SUMMARY: scsi device reset

From: <>
Date: Tue Aug 05 2003 - 13:14:34 EDT

So far no direct equivalent to the Tru64 functionality 
seems to exist within standard Solaris utils. However, 
many thanks go to Dustin Hoffs for providing me with 
some code which uses the necessary functions to do the 
job I want.





I'm looking for a Solaris equivalent to Tru64's 

scu reset device bus X target Y lun Z

which causes a specific SCSI device to perform a reset.

Alternatively a bus reset command ( a la "scu reset 
bus" ) would be helpful. I've found the scsi_reset 
function in the man pages but it looks like it's going to 
take some work to incorporate this into something 

Job is trying to clear a request queue from a drive in a 
tape library (which has been power-cycled).

Any pointers appreciated.

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