SUMMARY : failed md disk

From: Waheeb Abader - MWeb <>
Date: Tue Aug 05 2003 - 09:41:21 EDT
HI guys and thank you for the replies.

I managed to sort it out by first checking if the disk was seated correctly in
its bay.  Guess what??? it was not seated correctly, so I just re-seated the
drive and thought I could then do a metareplace.  Well, it did not work, why
I'm still puzzled...

anyway...  what I did to fix this situation up was as follows :

re-seated the drive
broke the mirror - metadetach
removed the concat /stripe - metaclear  (just to be safe)
re-created the concat / stripe - metainit
rebuilt the mirror - metattach
then it was resyncing itslef and that was that.

Once again, thanks for all the replies.  I hope this will help anyone else in
the future.

p.s. When I thought about it afterwards, I could have left the concat as is...
any thoughts ???

W. Abader
M-Web South Africa / Africa

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From: Waheeb Abader - MWeb
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Subject: failed md disk

hi gurus

I have a disk c2t2d0 of submirror d2 inside a mirror d4 that has failed, so
is in a maintenance state.  I need to replace this disk.

these are my steps that I want to follow...

1. prtvtoc
2. metadetach d4 d2
3. metadb -d c2t2d0s7
4. remove faulty disk
5. insert new disk
6. fmthard the new disk with the prtvtoc file
7. metattach d4 d2
8. metadb -a -c 3 c2t2d0s7  ( please explain this line )

I've also read up on metareplace which I understand to work as follows :

1. prtvtoc
2. remove faulty disk
3. insert new disk
4. metareplace d4 c2t2d0s2

what would you guys suggest to be the correct method?

Thank you
W. Abader
M-Web South Africa

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