SUMMARY: prtdiag output (Again)

From: Gary P Carr <>
Date: Mon Aug 04 2003 - 19:09:37 EDT
Sorry, mistype in prtpicl command. It should be:

/usr/sbin/prtpicl -v -c temperature-sensor

Thanks for the reminder Rich.

Original question:

 > The /usr/platform/sun4u/sbin/prtdiag program prints out some temperature
 > information for Blade 100s. On one of my machines for example I get the 
 > ...
 > CPU  Freq      Size        Impl.   Mask     Die    Ambient
 > ---  --------  ----------  ------  ----  --------  --------
 >   0    502 MHz  256KB       US-IIe   1.4     56 C     38 C
 > ...
 > Does anyone know what the "Die" temperature is?

The simple answer is that the "die" temperature is the temperature of the 
cpu  chip's silicon. It has nothing to do with the shutdown temperatuve of 
the workstation.

I also got several answers to the question I didn't ask, but really wanted 
to know -- How to you find out what the warning and shutdown temperatures 
are on you workstation? The answer is at:

Basically use the "/usr/sbin/prtpicl -v -c temperature-monitor" command.

Now you can't ask for better response than to get an answer for a question 
you wanted answered, but didn't ask ;-)

Many thanks to everyone who replied:
Rich Teer
Pascal Grostabussiat
Paul Linnabary
Jason Lessert
Mathew Stier
Casper Dik
Hichael Morton
Andrew Hay
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