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Date: Mon Aug 04 2003 - 03:57:07 EDT
Thank you Karl, Jay, Andres, John and Gary for your answer.

Basically : The procedure works, even on an E450.

Some suggested to better use the "hid2" utility, which only changes hostid
at the kernel level, leaving the NVRAM untouched (Hence you can safely
reboot if something goes wrong).

Finally, Karl suggested using "sys-unconfig", which, starting from Solaris 8
MU7 (02/02), makes it possible to change the hostid.

Sebastien DAUBIGNE
<>  - (+33)
SchlumbergerSema - SGS/DWH/Pessac

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	Objet:	[SunHELP] SUN NVRAM/hostid FAQ & E450


	Did anyone successfully modified the hostid of an E450 with the
	described in " SUN NVRAM/hostid FAQ "  at

	I plan to migrate 3 hosts with less downtime as possible, and would
like to
	use another host (E450) to prepare the job (installing/configuring
	and many additional software, then copy the working software set to
	target host). As I don't want to deal with various software licences
	for each installation, I'd like to temporarily put the target host
	for each installation.

	I just wonder if the FAQ method is valid for an E450, as it is not
	explicitly stated in the FAQ.

	Of course I will summarise.
	Sebastien DAUBIGNE
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	SchlumbergerSema - SGS/DWH/Pessac
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