SUMMARY: Setting up a V120

From: Dave Martini 1 <>
Date: Thu Jul 31 2003 - 19:47:09 EDT
Thanks to the many replies!!! Here is what I did to setup
the network interface



I also needed to do an 

ifconfig eri0 ip-addr netmask broadcast + up

And a

route add default ip-addr

My monitor still isn't displaying any output for some reason
even after installing the drivers that came with the XVR-100.
Someone mentioned that it should automatically switch to the video
adapter if there is a keyboard plugged into the V120. I do have a keyboard
plugged into it but still nothing. I also did a boot -r.

Here is my original question

Just got a V120. I connected it to a laptop and went through
the setup procedure but I kept getting an error that it couldn't
set the IP address I gave it so I had to setup it up as NON Networked.

In order to set it up as a networked machine after the fact I've 

modified the /etc/hosts file to include it's IP address
created /etc/resolv.con
cp /etc/nsswitch.nisplus nsswitch.conf (This is going in an NIS+ domain)

I'm not sure how/where to tell it about the subnetmask.

Also, there is no hostname. file for the ethernet connection.
Anyone know what the ethernet interface name is i.e. eri0, etc
for a V120?

Also, I installed a XVR-100 graphics card in it but am getting no
display on the monitor. Is there a trick to get the monitor to display?

Dave Martini
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