SUMMARY: routing from a specific interface

From: Alan Sparks <>
Date: Wed Jul 30 2003 - 16:38:57 EDT
Thanks to all who replied to my probably clumsily-worded question.  The
original question: I need to get traffic that originates on the
second interface (hme1) to go to the router that is on the same segment.

Respondents somehow figured out that I was asking how to route packets
that originate from a specific interface (meaing IP address) to be
routed through a specific router.

The consensus is that it is not possible in standard Solaris, which
makes all routing decisions only on destination address.  If there is
more that one default route, the routing decision will be done in a
round-robin fashion.

Suggestions included trying to install IP Filter, or find third-party
routing software that can add policy or source based routing capability
to Solaris.

Thanks for the advice.

Alan Sparks, Sr. UNIX Administrator
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