SUMMARY : Change the CPUs on a 280R

From: Angel Alejandro Vega Soto <>
Date: Thu Aug 07 2003 - 19:23:56 EDT
Thanks to Mark McManus and but the jackpot goes to 
Eugene Smith. heres the complete answer very illustrative.
Thanks !

The original question is below !
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Hi Angel

This is quite possible. However, beware of one small crucial item, the fan

The original 280R shipped with a 2-fan tray. With upgrading, this does not
supply sufficient air flow, and with the introduction of the 900 Mhz CPU,
Sun substituted the 3-Fan tray. At the same time the 750 Mhz systems were
still produced. As such certain 750's have 2-fan, some 3-fan trays.

Old 2-fan tray: P/N 540-4434-02 (label says 'Assembled in Mexico')
New 3-fan tray: P/N 540-5088-02 (label says 'MAYSTEEL USA')

Also see:

But beware of the error, it describes the 540-4434-02 as 3-fan! However, it
gives you an idea of where to look.


Additionally, I recommend upgrading to the latest firmware, if you have not
done so, prior to installing the new CPUs.


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Hello, managers I have a question regarding change hardware on a 280R.
I have one 280R with one CPU at 750 Mhz, this cpu is no longer
ordearable, at least new, only refurbished.. which doesn't like me a

If I buy TWO new 1.05 or 900 Mhz cpus, I install it on the machine, will
it work ? (of course both have to be the same speed), but do I need to
do anithing else, from a part number from sun, or just patch the system

thanks in advance ..

I will summarize !
Angel Alejandro Vega Soto <>
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