SUMMARY: cannot alloc NNNNNNNN bytes for lncntp

From: Sreedharan, Anil <>
Date: Thu Jul 24 2003 - 17:19:11 EDT
Hello Everybody,

I thank Manohar Nayak for his reply which suggested the following.
You can try with the following setting in /etc/system:

set kobj_map_space_len=0x200000

You may have to reboot the system after this change.

However the suggestion that worked for me was from Jerry Fellows. My problem
happened to be a couple of heavy processes that took up quite a bit of memory
and relatively small amount swap space available. I had to increase available
swap space with mkfile and swap -a, once that was done the fsck did not have
any issues. I could do this without rebooting. The foll explanation from the
answerbook should help.


cannot alloc size-of-lncntp bytes for lncntp

Reason Error Occurred

Request for memory for its internal tables failed. fsck terminates. This
message indicates a serious system failure that should be handled immediately.
This condition may occur if other processes are using a very large amount of
system resources.

How to Solve the Problem

 Killing other processes may solve the problem.


Thanks again for having lent your valuable time for this issue.

Anil S

Original Message
Hello Everybody,

I am running into the foll problem when trying to fsck a 390gb filesystem . I
think the system is not able to allocate 384mb for fsck ( process memory limit
too small?). I am hoping that one of you "Sun Super Gurus" will be able to
point me to a solution, any and all help is appreciated.

root@ddd:/:#fsck -y /dev/vx/rdsk/bd1/bdvol
** /dev/vx/rdsk/bd1/bdvol
cannot alloc 384314882 bytes for lncntp

Anil S
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