SUMMARY: Stale lock installed for pkgadd

From: Jeffrey P. Elliott <>
Date: Thu Jul 24 2003 - 10:37:06 EDT
First, thanks to  Eugene Schmidt & Mike Keplinger (and anyone else I 
might be missing... seems I'm forgetting to mention someone) for 
offering suggestions on renaming the offending packages - unfortunately, 
it didn't work. Waqar.Hafiz suggested removing entries for the packages 
from /var/sadm/install/contents.

It's possible that both removing the pkgs and editing the contents file 
may have done the trick, but I decided to give a call to Sun to see if 
they had a "better" solution - mucking about in the contents file wasn't 
something I was looking forward to doing alone :) . One thing I 
discovered after speaking with Sun was that the pkginfo and several of 
the install/remove scripts were not ascii files. Somehow, they had 
become corrupt and were just seen as data files. I think the non-ascii 
pkginfo file was what was giving pkgrm trouble.

So, on suggestion from Sun, I replaced the broken 
/var/sadm/pkg/<pkgname>  instances with clean copies from a recent 
install of another system. This allowed me to remove the packages, and 
to finally reinstall them.


oh, and thanks to 13 folks for letting me know they were out of the 
office - please fix/setup your mailers. And thanks, also, to the person 
using the challenge response spam filter.... wonderful thing for a 
mailing list :-/

Original Message:

> While installing some SDS packages earlier today, we lost power.  The 
> install is partially finished, but I'm stuck in a bit of a loop. I try 
> to reinstall over the old package, and I get:
> WARNING: Stale lock installed for pkgadd, pkg SUNWmdx quit in initial 
> state.
>    Removing lock.
> pkgadd quits after this message.  Ok, I say, I'll pkgrm the b0rked 
> package! Oh, that it were so easy... :
> pkgrm SUNWmdx
> The following package is currently installed:
>   SUNWmdx       Segmentation Fault (core dumped)
> Nice, huh? I have this problem with several of the packages. SUNWmdu,  
> SUNWmdx and SUNWmdr.
> Anyone been stuck here before? Not finding anything helpful yet on the 
> net.
> Thanks! 
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