SUMMARY: Prom Password Lock

From: Glenn, May (COMFIN, VFS, Consultant) <>
Date: Wed Jul 23 2003 - 13:38:25 EDT
First, let me thank everyone who responded to my Prom Inquiry.   Here is the

Problem: 	I have several machines that are locked from the prom with an
unknown password. I have tried to remove this,
		but to no avail. The machines also had no OS loaded on them, and would not
boot past a PASSWORD prompt

Resolution:	To remove all attached and internal storage from the machine,
		Power on the machine on a network with a boot (diskless) server.
		The machine (So Far) has defaulted to Net for a boot device, and booted to a
known client on the diskless.
		From the OS, Issue EEPROM commands to change the prom password, and nullify
prom security.

	NOTE:	This will also work (theoretically) with a known good boot disk from a
similar system.
		If you swap the internal disk with a known OS disk, the machine should
default to a boot, and you can
		issue all EEPROM commands from the Root user of the OS.

Thank you again for your assistance.

I am sure there are responses that I missed peoples names, I apologize for
that, and thank you each very much.

Glenn May
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