SUMMARY: permissions of /usr/lib/security?

From: <>
Date: Thu Jul 31 2003 - 07:14:26 EDT
This is a really old question.  But I only just
discovered the answer.

The (too restrictive) permissions of /usr/lib/security
were set by running the ASET tool at "high" which was
using a /usr/aset/masters/tune.high file with 
the problematical permissions.

I think the tune.high file came from Sun, but I am
not sure as it was installed before my time at this
particular site.

I've seen references to the file in tripwire distributions
as well. (web search for "Brad Beverly aset")


Original mail:
Sun Oct 27 21:49:06 2002

On two of my machines, (both 2.6) the permissions
of /usr/lib/security are too restrictive (nor read or 
write for other) and this prevents opensshd from

I checked the /var/sadm/install/contents for a selection
of machines including the ones with too restrictive
machines, and the permission listed is 755.

So clearly someone has restricted the permissions
post install.

Does anyone know why this might be done?

Also, if anyone could please run

	grep '/usr/lib/security d' /var/sadm/install/contents

and tell me if the permissions (4th field) is NOT 0755
I'd be grateful.

I'd also be interested in the real permissions of the real
dir if differrent:

	ls -ld /usr/lib/security


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