SUMMARY: minimum SW requirements for SF15K

From: Thomas 'Mike' Michlmayr <>
Date: Thu Jul 24 2003 - 06:08:23 EDT

i asked if other people had problems with Sun forcing them to install
SW that they don't need or want on StarCat domains.

i got two people replying, who have more or less the same problem.

Geoff Wright wrote:
: Sadly Sun are very reluctant to support Starcats with anything other than
: the full install. In our experience their support engineers are pretty much
: useless without a kitchen sink install. So we've ended up with cusomters
: that have hopeless support from Sun onsite engineers for machines we've
: jumpstarted with our core install, or bloated installs.
: If you argue and complain as high up in Sun as you can you'll probably get
: results - we've taken our support issues all the way to the MD of Sun UK.

and Ben Green is reporting the same problems.

so the conclusion is: don't buy StarCats if you know what you're doing and
have strong opinions about how to install your OS. it's just not worth the
hassle (and the HW is not as shiny as the marketing makes it to be).

on a related note from Kelly McDonald:
: This is not related but FYI. We were having some issues with our flash
: installs and they told us the same thing about the images. You have to have
: FUll+OEM for them to support flash installs.

why they even offer a package mgmt system with Clusters is unclear to me
at this point.

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