SUMMARY : Graphics / Display Problem on Ultra 1

From: John.B.Kelly <>
Date: Wed Jul 23 2003 - 12:22:59 EDT

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Thanks to the following :

Pascal Grostabussiat
Joe Fletcher
David Glass
Lars Hecking
Andrew Hay
Gary Carr
Pete Geenhuizen
Jay Lessert

The consensus was that I what I was seeing is colormap conflicts due to the
fact that I have a graphics card which is restricted to 8 bits. While tricks
such as terminating other colour-intensive applications, attempting to
restrict application colour map usage and playing around with "More Colors
for Applications" and "More Colors for Desktop" in Tools/Style Manager/Color
can help, this is a difficult problem to solve and the only "surefire"
solution is to buy a 24-bit color graphics card. I achieved an acceptable
solution by restricting users to at most 2 colour intensive apps - not
perfect but OK as we don't want to buy new hardware for an old Ultra 1.

Many Thanks,


I've seen similar questions to this on the list and on the web but there
doesn't seem to be a definite answer anywhere.

I have a SUN Ultra 1 (running Solaris 8) with a cgsix frame buffer video
card. The display resolution is pretty OK except for when we run up Adobe
Acrobat Reader or certain electronic design automation tools...under these
circumstance, the background (desktop) changes to a weird yellow colour and
the whole colour scheme gets corrupted...this is obviously unacceptable for
users. I've run 'fbconfig -list' but am told that the cgsix card is not
configurable. The /usr/adm/messages file tells me that the screen resolution
is set to 1152x900 at on boot. The monitor is a SUN 19" monitor connected to
the craphics card via a W3 connector. Any ideas on solving this problem?

John Kelly.
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